How a Realtor Can Help

When you’re ready to purchase a home, working with a Realtor® might be the best decision you ever make. Yes, it’s possible to purchase a house without working with an agent—but generally, it’s not the smartest idea.

How a Realtor Can Help

While there are dozens of small reasons working with a Realtor is a good idea (every time you have a question, she’s there to answer it; she’ll be able to help you find the perfect home through her industry connections; we could go on and on…), there are a few really big reasons, too.

  1. Your Realtor is in your corner. A Realtor is a professional and a subject-matter expert, and she’s there to look out for your best interests. That includes looking out for your financial interests.
  2. Real estate regulations are complicated. To make things even more confusing, they change frequently. Your Realtor will know what applies to your transaction and what’s “old news.”
  3. Realtors are trained to—and experienced in—handling negotiations. They also know the ins and outs of contracts, which can be over 50 pages long.
  4. Realtors know how to find homes that meet your needs without dragging you all over town to show you homes that won’t work. Above that, your Realtor can tell you things that you wouldn’t ordinarily know just from reading a listing online.

Working with a Dave Roberts Realtor

Buying a home is a big deal, and it takes a lot of knowledge to make the whole process go smoothly. Working with a Dave Roberts Realtor who knows all of the towns, the neighborhoods and more can help you make the right decision.

Call me at 707-869-1884 or contact me online. I’ll start looking for your next home right away, and i’ll be there throughout the process to make sure you’re happy with the entire experience.



Are You Ready to Buy a Home

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