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early occupancy
The condition in which buyers can occupy the property before the sale is completed.
earnest money
Money a buyer gives with an offer to purchase a property. Also called a deposit.
earthquake insurance
A policy that provides coverage against damage to a home from an earthquake.
A right given to a third party to use a portion of the property for certain purposes, such as power lines or water mains.
The projecting overhang at the lower edge of a roof.
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effective age
The age of a structure estimated by its condition rather than its actual age.
effective gross income
Additional income that a lender considers when assessing the loan application of a potential borrower.
White, powdery substance on concrete, stucco, or other masonry caused by water-soluble salts leaching to the surface.
electric service panel
A panel that transfers power from the utility line into a house to be distributed through fuses or circuit breakers.
electronic transfer
The process of having a mortgage payment automatically deducted from a borrower’s checking or savings account. Many lenders offer this service.
The exterior view of a home design that shows the position of the house relative to the grade of the land.
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An extension or wing of a house that is at right angles to the main structure.
eminent domain
The government’s right to condemn private land for public use, such as the routing of a public highway.
employer-assisted housing
Programs which help employees purchase homes through special plans developed with lenders.
empty nesters
Potential buyers who have raised their families and want to move into a smaller home.
Fences or other structures that extend into the property of another owner.
A claim or lien on a property which complicates the title process.
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Any right or interest in property interfering with its use or transfer.
end loan
TheĀ  conversion from a construction loan to permanent financing a condominium buyer secures after all units in a project have been completed.
A person who signs over ownership of property to another party.
English Tudor style
An architectural design that features stone or brick exterior walls and exposed beams.
environmental impact statement
A government-mandated evaluation of all aspects and effects a development will have on the environment of a proposed site.
environmentally friendly home
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